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Janitorial Services in Chicago

Growing up, I remember seeing janitors around my school, but I never really knew what they did. I just knew they were the people I saw wandering around with a trashcan or a mop. I imagine that many people had similar experiences. Once you’re older, you realize that they are kept busy keeping buildings clean, but I think they are still often overlooked or forgotten about.

Janitorial services Chicago buildings is an important job. With the unpredictable winters, cleaning is a necessity. Road salt and mud get tracked into buildings in crazy amounts. Also, janitors are the ones who clean those doorknobs and surfaces that, when left to their own devices, are breeding grounds for germs. Consider an elementary school with no cleaning! The number of colds that would spread would multiply exponentially.

Chicago’s Janitorial Duties

So what does a janitor do? The short description is this: janitorial services clean buildings such as offices, businesses, and schools. Their duties can include taking out the trash, cleaning floors, cleaning glass surfaces, dusting, and more. Some janitors have additional skills for maintenance and repair work. Many janitors work during off-hours, but it is not uncommon for janitors to be on the clock during normal business hours.

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