Cleaning Your Floors During Autumn

Cleaning Your Floors During Autumn

During the fall season, more debris, dirt, and rainwater are tracked into your home or business than most other times of year. Keeping your floors looking their best and avoiding accidents like slips or falls should be a top priority. Start by making sure you’re using all the proper materials that are gentle yet effective on typical commercial flooring or resin based floors. Test each cleaning product on a small area of your flooring before you use it to clean the entire room. Consider your cleaning schedule as well for maximum efficiency. Time your cleaning so it doesn’t interfere with peak traffic and use proper signage to redirect people during cleaning.

Follow Proper Cleaning Procedures

Dust mopping is a great way to get up some of the larger and more obvious debris. Make sure you’re brushing only in one direction with a dry mop and avoid lifting up or going backwards over areas you’ve just mopped. You should also move your furniture and other items in order to reach every area of your home or business. Same process applies for both sweeping and wet mopping your floors. Whichever cleaning instruments you’re using, take care to also clean the heads of your tools. Follow manufacturer instructions to keep your mops clean so you’re not spreading dirt all over your own floors.

Finishing Your Floors

A great way to keep your floors looking their best is to make sure they’re properly sealed and finished. Start by pouring the floor finish into a lined mop bucket. Using a new, clean mop head, spread the finish over your floor in a thin layer. You want to run the floor finish applicator parallel to the baseboard in clean strokes to maintain uniformity. Avoid applying finish to vertical portions of baseboards, as well. Your work should follow a “U” pattern around your floor and you should always let the first coat finish before applying another.

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