In-House vs. Outsourcing Office Cleaning

A team is always better than individuals

Cleaning workspaces for increased work productivity and mitigating the spread of germs has become an important issue to be addressed. With the economy increasingly becoming unstable, it is not strange to expect that facility managers and commercial building owners would resort to looking for the best cost-effective measures for cleaning their facility.

Excellent janitorial services are hard to come by, particularly when the budget is low. It almost seems as though you are inviting more problems once you allow budget cuts. However, there is a way out of this dilemma. You can still enjoy the best janitorial services at reasonable prices. All you have to do is hire a cleaning company!

As simple as it sounds, a cleaning company may not quite come to mind as a cleaning solution. However, this has proven to be the most effective way of getting your commercial cleaning service done. Outsourcing to a cleaning company makes sense because a cleaning team would always function way better than randomly selected individuals. Outsourcing your office cleaning comes with a host of benefits, as we would highlight below.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Some of the major benefits of hiring a company for your commercial cleaning service and industrial cleaning service include:

  • You manage costs better: Your janitorial service company understands that you may not know the intricacies of the accounting involved in cleaning your facility. However, by working with them, you become enlightened on the things to take note of. Doing all these alone with in-house staff would definitely lead to some mismanagement of funds along the line. This is because you are most likely not an expert in this field.
  • You protect your assets: Individuals may not have cleaning as their major job. In some cases, it may even be a side hustle. However, a company whose only business is giving your facility a facelift just be cleaning is most likely better at protecting your assets. In the course of cleaning, assets could be mishandled by your employees who are not skilled enough. On the other hand, a cleaning company has proper knowledge of handling of all assets.
  • You save costs: health insurance, liability insurance, equipment costs and maintenance, miscellaneous fees, supervision expenses, employee absences, payroll taxes, employee turnover, dispute settlements, direct payroll expenses. The list is endless, and all these come with hiring in-house staff for your Commercial cleaning service and industrial cleaning service. Conversely, you get to avoid all these with an office cleaning company because they ensure their own employees and protect you.
  • You save time: Imagine the time that you have to spend in recruiting, screening, and sometimes even training cleaning staff for your facility. Not to forget, you also have to pay for insurance and other benefits for these individuals. Finally, you also spend some money on administrative and managerial responsibilities. A professional cleaning company eliminates all these holes in your pocket.
  • A safer and cleaner workplace: Equipment and items at your office or residential area need to be handled properly to keep you safe. Fire outbreaks fall, and other domestic accidents are not uncommon. However, a janitorial service company ensures your facility is left clean and safe.

Critical Analysis of the Thought Behind Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Let’s think of it. You want to get the best value for your money. Therefore, hiring a whole ‘company’ rather than individuals may seem counterproductive. However, a lot comes with hiring skilled personnel.

A bigger scale of cleaning means bulk supplies, cleaning equipment, and services coming at a cheaper price. This impact is more, especially with the bigger janitorial companies. These companies usually have the purchasing power to buy things in bulk. This is much cheaper than buying in retail. Reduced cost for your cleaning company means reduced costs for you.

Secondly, your office cleaning company has been carrying out this process over and over again. Thus, you would expect nothing less than perfection. While you can manage your in-house cleaning, it comes at a cost—your money and time. However, you can save your energy for more important things, resting assured that your facility is in good hands.

In-House Cleaning Stands No Chance Against a Janitorial Service Company

As we have already highlighted, you may find it difficult to balance cleaning with your other businesses. Except you do not care, you would not get quality service if you do not leave the janitorial services to a professional.

Being a facility manager is not easy. There are many things to attend to, and you do not want your to-do list to get longer than necessary. Besides, no matter how hard you work, it would not just scale. All your knowledge and training may not even be used outside your building. Having a competent cleaning staff does not translate to more money for you, unlike a cleaning company.

Important Issues

    • Coverage: It is not all smooth sailing with cleaning. There are days when you would need more hands-on-deck, especially during busy times. Unfortunately, in-house cleaning would not give you this extra coverage.However, commercial cleaning service companies have enough depth to get the job done even if the staff is ill or your demands become more. Being fully equipped and able to adapt to your needs at all times is pure art, and this is found only with a cleaning company.
    • Integrated facility solutions: Apart from just cleaning your facility, many janitorial services companies offer additional services—Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting, construction cleanup, etc. Thus, you get the opportunity to give your facility the regular maintenance needed, rather than hiring two separate contractors. You can use this added service to your advantage to relieve you of stress.
    • Equipment quality: It is only logical that the best equipment delivers better cleaning. Professional office cleaning companies have superior machines simply because they invest more in it. An in-house cleaning service cannot replicate this feat and would not offer you the same quality of cleaning.

The Final Verdict

Hiring office cleaning and janitorial services from a company is much better than doing so with in-house staff. What is most important, however, is how much you value your building and the extent you would go to give it the best cleaning. As a facility manager, the onus is on you to get your industrial cleaning service from the right source.

Outsourcing your office cleaning is guaranteed to produce the results that you are after. A sparkling clean property, affordable costs, time-saving, stress-free, and increased value of your facility. With all these benefits, it is an easy decision to make.

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