After-Hours Commercial Cleaning Concerns

How we address after-hours work client concerns

In today’s business market, figuring out when maintenance and janitorial services should be scheduled can cause some concern. After business hours typically end up being the chosen time frame for essential services to get done. Those typically include janitorial, sanitation, and maintenance work. This raises some concerns from many business owners, considering that staff will not be present and regardless of the reputation associated with the maintenance company, the trust has yet to be established when it comes to the security of their business.

This could lead to inefficiencies and misunderstandings between the business owner, the maintenance company, and the employees when aligning schedules. Despite the concerns, after-work-day hours is a coveted time slot which is why we work to build a trusting and respectful relationship between Rainbow and our clients.

Even though security threats or other points of contention that could arise with maintenance crews are very rare, the concerns many company owners have regarding after-hours maintenance are still valid. Many business owners rarely contact and converse with the actual maintenance crew members, and express their concerns to management if they feel that they have a concern over trustworthiness and validity. However, some maintenance companies may   fail to provide proper background checks of their employees, which surely doesn’t put business owners at ease.

When business owners open their doors to after-hours work, they understand that they put their business security at risk. Security breaches can happen in the blink of an eye, and if a non screened custodial employee accidentally moves and or cleans up an area that has important financial documents, health files, or legal paperwork, this could put the business in jeopardy. Security breaches like these are highly unlikely, but the fact that there is a possibility can definitely raise concern.

Regardless of whether or not maintenance crews have members who are wrong-intentioned or not, they could still cause security concerns through after-hours work. Inconsistent arrival and departure times could pose security risks when it comes to locking and opening doors. Companies may then have to hire additional security personnel if the maintenance crew works during a different time than specified. Even something small, like leaving a door cracked, could pose serious security risks that many business owners simply do not want to take a chance on.

Not training employees properly in using maintenance equipment could also be a cause for concern, especially if cleaning tools and machinery damage start to appear. Scratching floors or damaging carpets without company staff present could be another risk. While business owners do have a right to warrant these concerns, it is up to the maintenance company to put those concerns to rest. Many concerns can be severely diminished, if not completely resolved. Here are just a few ways you can put your client’s mind at ease.

We Perform Rigorous Employee Background Checks

Background checks are a necessary component for any outsourced service. Maintenance, custodial workers, and service technicians should be background checked upon hiring with the information then relayed onto the clients. One of the easiest ways to ease the mind of clients is to simply carry out something that is already expected; performing background checks as one of the easiest and most effective ways to put a client’s mind at ease.

We Provide Client Testimonials

Another way we assure a client that they are receiving a beyond-satisfactory service is by offering testimonials from past and current client’s experiences. More often than not, a prospective client will take those reviews as a sign of good measure from clients who have done business with this maintenance company. Presenting an organized and referable list of testimonials before a new client begins a contract is a great way to ensure that this trust is amplified and makes a good first impression. This can also increase credibility on the web, as possible clients will be able to know what to expect when they’ve read credible testimonials online.

We Prove Your Business is Insured

Just like providing positive testimonials to prospective clients, providing proof of our insurance is another way we stand out from the crowd and make a client more open to doing business. Proof of insurance can give peace of mind, knowing that the customer is not responsible for damages or accidents. Many maintenance and cleaning companies are not insured, meaning that proving your insurance is yet another way to instill confidence in a client.

We Mandate Identification at All Times

As a professional and reliable maintenance company, we demand our crews also look and act professionally. ID badges are the best way to instill confidence in clients and maintain a professional appearance at all times. It is also a great way to identify who is – and who isn’t – a member of the maintenance crew. Identification badges typically include names, titles, and photographs and should be worn at all times on the job.

We Specify the Technicians’ Level of Training

Informing our clients about the level of training each technician has undergone can improve their level of trust with the company. Knowing that each technician and the custodial worker has undergone even basic training tells prospective clients that they are working with a diligent and knowledgeable staff. And, if technicians hold any higher certification from an accredited institute in the industry such as, ISSA Cleaning Management Institute, this information should be highlighted as well. Once again, offering this kind of information upon the first visit is a solid way to alleviate client concerns early on.


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