A Checklist Of Office Cleaning Services Duties (short)

Checklist of Office Cleaning Service Duties

Though every office is different, most businesses use similar cleaning services that perform a certain array of duties. Many businesses can benefit from having a cleaning service as it will allow the employees to focus more on their work and less on unrelated cleaning duties. Package sizes may determine the existence of certain duties, so be sure to read the description of the plans you are choosing between carefully before committing. Often services are flexible and can allow for additional duties to be added. Commercial cleaning plans can vary in frequency from daily cleaning to weekly cleaning.

Here are so common office cleaning duty services:

Dusting the walls, windowsills, ledges, blinds, and bookshelves.
Straightening cushions and pillows.
Sweeping the floor.
Mopping the floor.
Vacuuming carpet floors.
Clean all glass (windows, mirrors, glass tables, etc.).
Emptying the trash and replacing the bag.
Sanitizing doorknobs.
Sinks scrubbed.
Toilets cleaned and disinfected.
Replacing toilet paper and paper towels if needed.
Cleaning of the breakroom.
Cleaning small appliances in the breakroom.
Wiping down tables.
Sanitizing phones and headsets.
Dusting ceiling fans and desks.

This is just a short selection of the common services performed by an office cleaning service. Feel free to compare plans and add additional duties as needed. After all, every business has different needs. Some common add-ons include professional carpet cleaning services, carpet steaming, floor waxing, or maintenance.

A professional office cleaning service will bring their own equipment, so you can expect extremely high quality cleaning to be performed by highly trained cleaning staff.

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