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Is Your Janitorial Company Cutting Corners? 4 Signs to Look For!

Identifying signs of a janitorial company cutting corners often begins with subtle yet telling cues in cleaning quality. These indicators extend beyond the visible lapses. They encompass the company’s approach to high-visibility areas like entryways and bathrooms, detail-oriented spaces under furniture or in high corners, and the efficiency of their cleaning tasks. Evaluating their adherence to schedules, communication responsiveness, and adherence to hygiene standards like proper sanitization methods and the availability of disinfectants further unveils the dedication and professionalism of the service.

Inconsistent Quality of Cleaning 

Identifying the hallmark signs of a janitorial company cutting corners often starts with the visible lapses in cleaning quality. When areas remain visibly dirty with dust accumulation beneath furniture or in high corners, uncleaned bathrooms, and neglected floors and shelves, it’s a clear indication of subpar service. Additionally, surfaces marred by fingerprints indicate rushed cleaning routines. Overlooked details like unemptied and unlined bins suggest a lack of thoroughness. Leaving cleaning equipment scattered around not only poses safety risks but also reflects poorly on professionalism. The failure to properly mark wet floors poses significant safety hazards, underscoring the compromised quality of service.

4 Areas to Spot Cleaning Inconsistencies

Where to Look

High-visibility areas

  • Entryway and reception areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Common areas: Breakrooms, conference rooms, and high-traffic hallways should be clean and presentable.

Detail-oriented areas

  • Under furniture and appliances
  • High corners and ledges
  • Baseboards and trim
  • Electronic equipment

Timeliness and efficiency

  • Cleaning schedule adherence 
  • Task completion 
  • Communication and responsiveness 

Hygiene and sanitation standards

  • Availability of hand sanitizers and disinfectants 
  • Cleanliness of restrooms and high-touch surfaces
  • Use of proper cleaning chemicals and techniques


Time Spent Cleaning

When cleaning tasks are completed unusually fast, it raises concerns about the quality of the service provided. Properly cleaning a space demands time and attention to detail. Rushing through tasks often results in overlooked areas and subpar cleanliness. If the agreed-upon cleaning schedule isn’t adhered to, it signals potential shortcuts being taken. Deviations from the schedule might indicate a lack of commitment to thorough cleaning practices, compromising the overall quality of service delivered by the janitorial company.

Communication and Professionalism

When communication lacks responsiveness from cleaners regarding your requests or concerns, it raises doubts about the janitorial company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Prompt addressing of issues is a hallmark of reliable service. Unprofessional behavior exhibited by cleaners, such as rudeness, disrespect, or non-compliance with company policies, reflects poorly on the company’s standards. Difficulty in contacting the company itself hints at potential management issues, suggesting a lack of organization or oversight within the janitorial service provider. Efficient communication and professionalism are pivotal for a reputable cleaning company, and their absence may indicate corners being cut.

Additional Warning Indicators: Staff, Fees, Quality

A high turnover rate within the janitorial company often points to underlying issues, potentially indicating unfavorable working conditions for employees. Such conditions might compromise the quality of cleaning services delivered. Caution should be exercised with janitorial companies imposing hidden fees. These additional charges, especially for supplies or equipment not explicitly outlined in the agreement, raise concerns about transparency and integrity, potentially indicating corners being cut in service delivery. Awareness of these red flags can help in choosing a more reliable and transparent cleaning service provider.


To further pinpoint signs of corner-cutting by your janitorial company, proactive measures are key. Regularly inspect your space, keeping an eye out for the outlined indicators. Engage your employees; their perspectives might unveil overlooked issues. Comparing prices among different janitorial services ensures you’re receiving fair value. Don’t overlook online reviews; insights from other customers shed light on the company’s reputation and service quality. These steps empower you to gauge the performance of your janitorial service and spot any potential shortcuts being taken.

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