Professional Office Cleaning is an Investment

Running a business, whether large or small, has its long list of to do’s. One of them might be in-house cleaning. However, could trying to do it all by yourself be costing you more in the long run? Let’s explore the benefits of getting your work environment professionally cleaned and how it can stimulate productivity, health, and free up valuable time.

A study was done at Harvard Study exploring how a clean workspace might help the individuals using the space stay focused and persistent to getting projects and assignments done. The research compared two focus groups constructing a puzzle. One group was in a clean workspace area while the other group was placed in a more cluttered and messy workspace. What was discovered was that: The group using the cluttered work area gave up trying to finish the puzzle in eleven minutes. The second group placed in a clean and tidy work area managed to work on the puzzle for eighteen minutes before calling it quits.

A seven-minute difference might not be a lot of time. However, the principle of staying on task and persistence for those extra seven minutes can make a difference with the productivity of your business.

How well we are set up to be productive in business or in society comes down to how much time we are able to focus on completing or producing in a given time frame. Items such as the printer have added productivity in all office settings. Nevertheless, it’s becoming more apparent that our limitations are placed by us and the way we have our workspace and environment set up.

This is a perfect example of why professional office cleaning is an investment to help boost morale, health, and productivity.

  • Minimal Distraction: Professional cleaning can help reduce clutter and mess which in return creates minimal distractions. When there is a mess surrounding us, we can become fixated on fixing the mess and turn our focus away from our work that needs to get done.
  • Lower Stress Levels: Stress is a silent killer and is a part of many workplaces. If a clean office with good vibes can help reduce triggers caused by clutter and uncleanliness perhaps it can help reduce stress which will help with focus and productivity.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: If a workplace prioritizes cleanliness and maintaining a safe and clean environment the lingering of germs can not be as prevalent. Curbing absenteeism can help with cost, production, and morale.
  • Better Morale: Providing a positive atmosphere that is enjoyable to work in can help boost morale. It also shows that you want to create a space that is safe especially if employees spend a lot of their time at the office.

Professional office cleaning provides a safe place creating a better environment your employees spend so much time at. It also shows that you care about their health and well-being. There are many studies similar to the one mentioned dating back to the 1950’s such as the Hawthorne study, where productivity increases can be gained simply by paying a little attention to employee’s environment.

Additionally, from a health perspective, the industry statistics of where germs and bacteria are found in office environments shocks many when they find that they live on the surfaces we touch so often; 20,000 germs per square inch on keyboards and mice. The average desk and chair handles are also prevalent areas for germs and bacteria to linger. In the middle of a pandemic such as this, it is even more important and can be the difference between success and failure if a virus is allowed to spread in your office.

Sick days are inevitable and hard to prevent. However, if cleanliness is given priority, it could significantly help curb the spread. Having a professional cleaning crew focus on high-touch areas using the right cleaning chemicals can prevent your office from being a breeding ground for viruses and germs.

A clean and safe work environment has a significant effect on the overall productivity of a company’s associates, and therefore productivity and eventually profitability. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service such as Rainbow could be an investment in your business that will pay dividends for months to come. Here are 10 simple ways your business can benefit:

  • Reduce the number of Sick of Non-Productive Days
  • Increase Concentration by Reducing Distractions
  • Increase Employee Morale and Motivation
  • Increase Overall Employee Retention
  • Promote an Organized and Professional Appearance
  • Minimize Stress and Anxiety
  • Communicate that Your Employees are Essential to your Bottom Line

Let our professional commercial cleaning service show you the ROI in your cleaning investment by scheduling a cleaning estimate walkthrough today.


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