Commercial Cleaning Services Costs in 2023

When you purchase commercial cleaning services, it’s crucial that you know what services are actually included in the monthly rates. It could help you avoid overpaying for the services and make your budget more effective. This post discusses the sharp increase in pricing over the past few years and what you should be paying currently. It’s important, as a business owner, to understand baseline commercial cleaning and janitorial pricing when you are getting cleaning quotes from service providers. Before making any decisions, it helps to understand what goes into delivering cleaning services so you can compare apples to apples. You have so much to consider:

  • Frequency: Every facility is different and has different needs depending on how many people occupy the space, what task they perform, is a professional environment such as an attorney, or a more physical environment such as a retail shop. The more time in between cleaning, the more there is to clean when traffic is moderate to high.
  • Square Footage: This is easy, just measure each room and add them up for a total.
  • Floor Types: There are many different options for what surface you choose for your floor space. There are carpet, vinyl, and ceramic by the square foot and each type requires a different amount of time to clean.
  • Room Types: Hallways, offices, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, general office, break room, restrooms, storage rooms, assembly rooms, etc  Each has different cleaning needs and attention to detail not to mention the cleaning chemicals and supplies required.
  • Room Density: The more open the pace, it easier it is to clean since desks, chairs, and obstacles like partitions don’t need to be tackled.
  • Special Request:  Depending on the facility type and climate, certain special cleaning requests are almost inevitable. Typically, these include large communal areas such as lobbies and areas with high visibility. In some cases, commercial cleaning gets more into building maintenance when these requests are fulfilled.

Commercial Cleaning Hourly Rates

Cleaning rates of around $25 to $70 per hour per worker assigned to the job represent the average pricing for a standard office of facility commercial cleaning service. Prices can increase or decrease depending on a number of factors, including how long it takes a worker to clean the space, what kind of furniture is in the office, and what must be removed from it.

When cleaning a commercial space, it can be hard to know how much time and effort will be needed. Some companies use hourly rates for their services, but often these rates are fixed only after an initial walkthrough. In the Chicago area, the typical hourly rates you can expect are:

Small 1-4 Person Cleaning Co: $25 – $35

Professional Cleaning Crew:  $38 – $45

High-end / Deep / Specialty: $44-$67

Commercial Cleaning Pricing Factors

Several play a significant role in determining how much you may be paying for commercial cleaning services. Frequency is a pivotal element; the more often your building requires cleaning, the more consistent maintenance is needed, impacting overall costs. The square footage of a facility also plays a vital role (larger spaces require more time and resources to clean thoroughly). Specific room types and their unique cleaning needs further contribute to pricing variability, making it essential for businesses to understand what they’re getting from their commercial cleaning vendors.

  • Frequency: Cleaning service schedule affects costs.
  • Square Footage: Facility size determines pricing.
  • Facility Type: Business type influences cleaning needs.
  • Service Level: Cleaning depth impacts pricing.
  • Flooring Type: Floor material affects cleaning methods.
  • Room Variations: Different spaces have different demands.
  • Layout Efficiency: Room configuration affects cleaning time.
  • Special Requests: Extra services add to costs.
  • Location Factors: Geographical area influences pricing.
  • Supplies & Equipment: Quality and type impact costs.
  • Contract Terms: Agreement duration impacts pricing.
  • Seasonal Changes: Cleaning needs vary with seasons.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for Your Business

Businesses must carefully evaluate their specific commercial cleaning needs, taking into account factors such as office maintenance costs and cleaning industry pricing trends. Identifying the appropriate service level, be it standard or high-end cleaning, should align with the nature of your facility, whether it’s a professional office or a corporate facility. Cost-effective business cleaning requires evaluating the budget constraints while ensuring that the chosen service can meet your desired cleanliness standards. By understanding these factors, businesses can make informed decisions to select a cleaning service that suits their unique requirements and financial considerations.


Identify Specific NeedsUnderstand the unique cleaning requirements of your facility, considering factors such as room types and floor materials.
Budget Alignment: Assess your budget constraints and choose a service that offers value for money without compromising on quality.
Service Level MatchSelect a cleaning service that aligns with your facility type, whether it’s a professional office or an industrial space, by considering “Facility Type.”
Provider ReputationResearch and verify the reputation and reliability of cleaning service providers through reviews and references.
CustomizationSeek a service that can tailor its offerings to your business’s specific needs, addressing factors like “Room Variations.”


Tips for Cost-Effective Commercial Cleaning

One approach is to adjust the cleaning frequency to align with actual needs, minimizing excess costs. Evaluating cleaning providers based on the level of service required can help save money without compromising quality. Exploring the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning supplies and efficient cleaning techniques can further enhance cost-effectiveness while maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. Below is a list of ways you could reduce your commercial cleaning costs to ensure you get more for your budget. 

Energy-Efficient EquipmentInvest in eco-friendly supplies and energy-efficient cleaning tools to lower operational expenses.
Contract NegotiationRegularly review and renegotiate cleaning contracts to secure favorable terms and pricing.
Preventive MaintenanceProactively maintain facilities to prevent dirt buildup, reducing the need for extensive cleaning.
Employee TrainingTrain cleaning staff to optimize efficiency, minimizing time and resource requirements.


Key Takeaways

The 5 most important things we want facility managers to take away from this article are ways they can reduce their commercial cleaning spending. Better understanding of cleaning pricing factors, how to find the right cleaning company, how to make cleaning more cost-effective, and how hourly rates can add up without you noticing. Here’s a brief overview of our main points and their role in your commercial cleaning budget. 

  • Commercial Cleaning Pricing Factors: Understanding the key elements that impact the cost of commercial cleaning services.
  • Choosing the Right Cleaning Service: Tips for selecting the best cleaning service to meet your facility’s unique needs.
  • Customization for Effective Cleaning: Tailoring cleaning services to match specific facility requirements for optimal results.
  • Cost-Effective Cleaning Strategies: Ways to reduce cleaning expenses without compromising on quality and cleanliness.
  • Hourly Rates in Commercial Cleaning: Exploring the average hourly pricing for various types of commercial cleaning services.



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