Difference in Janitorial and Office Cleaning Services

Difference in Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning

When you need cleaning services for your business, how do you know what kind of service would be right for your company or organization? You may be thinking, “Janitorial services, office cleaning, what’s the difference? I just need to have a cleaning working environment.” That’s a fair question but let’s look at the differences between janitorial services and office cleaning since they are not exactly the same.

Janitorial Services Differences

When we think of janitorial services, we often think of schools, hospitals, or other large buildings or facilities that require constant attention. Think building maintenance, which sometime includes things like replacing bulbs or fixing a loose piece of window trim. Janitorial services can deliver efficient and consistent cleaning of tables, floors, restrooms, and essentially the entire facility throughout the day or during your off business hours. They are there when needed, on your schedule to make sure the work environment is more then suitable for workers as well as clients.

”When we upgraded our financial consultants offices from a small suite to half a floor, we knew we had to get some help keeping everything neat. We’d heard good things around the building about this company so I hired them. Impressive work, good prices, consistent and reliable.”

Talora Ashalon

Office Cleaning Services

For a business to run efficiently it needs to have a clean working environment for its staff. Without an office cleaning service to take care of the trash, desks, kitchen areas, bathrooms, and floors, it is up to the staff to maintain that cleanliness. That can lead to inefficiencies in your business. An office cleaning service can provide the clean environment you need, leaving your staff to work on business operations. The cleaning service team can take care of their duties during your off hours each evening, morning, or week, depending on your preference. This provides your staff with a clean office environment to start their workday or week. As you can see, there is a difference between janitorial services and office cleaning. Making the right choice can provide you with a more customized service for your business needs. It also allows your operations to run smoothly in a clean and safe environment for your staff and your clients.

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