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Thaer Algholeh
Thaer Algholeh
Absolutely the best in what they do. Day in and night out I can depend and know our facilities are being taken care of. All around services we receive the best.
Mike VanZandt
Mike VanZandt
Rainbow has been cleaning interior spaces for me for 7 years. Their people provide a quality service and are quick to respond if there are any issues.
Lorren Steadman
Lorren Steadman
We use Rainbow Property Maintenance for our business cleaning and they are very professional and do a great job! If any problem comes up, they make sure to address it head on and fix in anyway they can. Would highly recommend this company.
Virginia Chiu
Virginia Chiu
The cleaning staff is amazing - very detailed-oriented and punctual. I recommend their services for all commercial needs.
Mary Harney
Mary Harney
Recently switched to Rainbow and noticed a significant improvement with quality and professionalism when compared to the last janitorial company we had. Really good cleaning service at a great price as well.
Margaret Baumann
Margaret Baumann
Everyone at Rainbow is great and a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend them when you're looking for a fantastic commercial cleaning service in the Chicago area.
Bret T
Bret T
Ernest is a great human!
L Bailey
L Bailey
We've been using Rainbow for all of our large commercial post construction jobs across Chicago for a few years now. Very satisfied with all their work!
Devon Dewitt
Devon Dewitt
I have been in the industry for nearly 20 years and I have to say that Rainbow Janitorial is one of the best companies I've ever worked with. They are always professional and great to work with. Our associates have even noticed and commented several times on the improvement in cleanliness. Great job Rainbow!
Rainbow Government Cleaning

Smooth and cost-effective government Cleaning Services in Chicago

Efficient and economical operations are crucial for government facilities, and that extends to regular cleaning. Rainbow Property Maintenance provides expert cleaning services tailored for federal, state, and local government buildings, ensuring thorough and cost-efficient cleans that respect taxpayer funds. Maintain a clean, appealing, and sanitary environment for the public and communities you support

Our Expertise and Reliability: The Foundation of Our Service

At our company, we stand out in the industry of government building cleaning through our dedicated team and commitment to excellence. We bring:

  • Professional Training and Certification: Each team member is thoroughly trained and certified, ensuring they meet high standards of cleaning proficiency.
  • Years of Experience: Our extensive experience in cleaning government buildings equips us to handle any cleaning challenge.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering top-notch services that contribute positively to the functionality and aesthetics of government facilities.

Our use of certified eco-friendly products and advanced cleaning technologies, such as HEPA filter vacuums, underscores our commitment not just to cleanliness but also to environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Rainbow Property Maintenance?

Since our inception, we have been committed to providing superior cleaning services to government agencies. Our recognition in the industry and adherence to strict cleaning standards makes us a trusted partner in maintaining government buildings.

Expert Cleaning Team

Our team is highly trained and equipped with the latest in cleaning technology and practices, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning from the lobby to the restrooms.

Flexible Cleaning Schedules

We understand that government buildings operate on different schedules and have varying levels of security and access. We offer flexible cleaning schedules that can be tailored to fit the unique operational hours of your facility, ensuring minimal disruption.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We prioritize the health of both your employees and the environment by using green cleaning products. These practices help reduce pollutants, contributing to a healthier workplace and world. This is our priority to keep our citizens in best health.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

We recognize that each government facility has its own specific needs based on its size, function, and the public interactions it supports. Our team collaborates with you to develop a tailored cleaning plan that meets your exact requirements.

Comprehensive government facility Services

Our maintenance services for government facilities include, but are not limited to:

Professional Leaf Removal – Equipped with the latest tools and techniques for efficient and thorough leaf removal.

Full Grounds Service – Comprehensive coverage for front lawns, backyards, parking lots, and hidden corners to ensure no area is overlooked.

Daily Cleaning – Routine cleaning to maintain a pristine environment every day.

Deep Cleaning – Detailed cleaning that covers every inch of your facility, with special focus on areas that need extra attention.

Carpet Cleaning – Advanced methods to remove stains, dirt, and allergens from carpets.

Window Washing – Interior and exterior window cleaning for a clear, streak-free view.

Disinfection Services – Use of EPA-approved disinfectants to eliminate pathogens and viruses.

Waste Management – Efficient trash removal and recycling services.

High-Touch Surface Disinfection – Regular disinfection of doorknobs, light switches, and other frequently touched areas to prevent the spread of illness.

Restroom Sanitization – Rigorous cleaning protocols to maintain hygiene in high-use areas.

Floor Care – Services ranging from sweeping and mopping to buffing and polishing, tailored to the flooring type.

Staffing and Labor – Providing skilled and reliable personnel to meet your labor needs, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

Janitorial Service – Comprehensive cleaning services tailored to maintain cleanliness and hygiene across various facilities.

Office Cleaning – Specialized cleaning services focused on maintaining a clean, organized, and productive office environment.

Porter Service – Dedicated staff to handle day-to-day maintenance and cleaning tasks, ensuring your facility remains in top condition throughout the day.

Window Cleaning – Professional cleaning for both interior and exterior windows, ensuring a streak-free and clear view.

Restaurant Cleaning – Tailored cleaning solutions to maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards in restaurant environments.

Vinyl Floor Maintenance – Expert care for vinyl floors, including cleaning, polishing, and maintenance to extend their lifespan.

Ceramic Floor Care – Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for ceramic floors, ensuring they remain spotless and durable.

Stone Floor Care – Professional cleaning and maintenance for stone floors, enhancing their natural beauty and durability.

Marble Floor Care – Specialized care for marble floors, including polishing and maintenance to preserve their elegance and shine.

Power Wash – High-pressure washing services to clean exterior surfaces, removing dirt, grime, and stains.

Duct Cleaning – Thorough cleaning of HVAC ducts to improve air quality and system efficiency.

Carpet Restoration – Restoration services to bring carpets back to their original condition, addressing issues such as wear, stains, and damage.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Advanced cleaning method using ultrasonic waves to remove dirt and contaminants from various items.

Steam Cleaning and Sanitization – Deep cleaning and sanitization using steam to eliminate germs, bacteria, and allergens.

Kitchen Equipment Restoration – Cleaning and restoration of kitchen equipment to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

Post Construction Clean Up – Comprehensive cleaning services following construction projects, removing debris and ensuring the site is clean and safe.

Facilities Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance services to keep your facility in top condition, addressing routine and preventative needs.

Equipment Periodic Maintenance – Regular maintenance services for equipment to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Bulb Replacement – Efficient replacement of light bulbs to maintain proper lighting and safety standards.

Contact Us Today - Book your free walkthrough meeting

For top-tier cleaning services that meet the unique needs of government facilities, choose our expert team. Contact us today to discuss your specific cleaning requirements and to arrange a free walkthrough of your facilities. Let us help you maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone who enters your government building.

Personalised attention of Account Manager

We understand that every government facility has its unique set of challenges and requirements. We offer the benefit of personalized attention through a dedicated Account Manager.

Trained and certified team

We pride ourselves on our team of highly trained and certified cleaning professionals, who are the backbone of the cleanliness and safety standards required in government facilities.

Tailored pricing to your needs

We provide value-driven, cost-effective cleaning services for government facilities. Understanding challenges and budgetary considerations, we offer pricing that is tailored to your specific needs.

Transparent costs of service

Budgeting for cleaning services in a government facility requires clarity and precision. To ensure complete transparency in our pricing, we provide an online cost estimator of our services upfront.



A common concern that leads companies to seek new commercial cleaning services is the noticeable decline in quality after an initially satisfactory period. Our insights into this issue revealed a frequent lack of accountability processes within many cleaning teams. It’s not uncommon for staff to start arriving late, leaving early, or sometimes not showing up at all, contributing to this decline in service quality.

To address these challenges, Rainbow Property Maintenance is assigning dedicated account manager and utilise geofencing technology. This system supports our account manager and monitors our employees’ presence on-site, ensuring they only clock in or out when within the designated area of the facility they are assigned to clean. This level of oversight helps us maintain our high standards of service by ensuring tasks are completed efficiently, which also offers cost savings to our clients. Additionally, we are transparent with our clients about staffing and attendance, providing them with access to relevant data if needed. This information is also utilized to optimize team size and equipment for future cleaning services based on evolving needs.

At Rainbow Property Maintenance, we believe transparency is key to client satisfaction and trust. That’s why we provide detailed post-cleaning inspection reports, complete with before and after photos. These reports are digitally formatted and automatically distributed to our clients as PDFs via email upon completion. They not only document the thoroughness of our cleaning services but also highlight areas where adjustments might enhance the effectiveness of your current cleaning regimen. We make tailored recommendations to minimize risks and maintain your office at the high standard you expect. Our approach ensures that you have a clear understanding of our service impact and the condition of your premises after each cleaning session.

At Rainbow Property Maintenance, we recognize that regular cleaning differs significantly from disinfection, particularly during health crises like flu outbreaks or pandemics such as COVID-19. To combat the spread of communicable diseases, we offer specialized disinfection and decontamination services. We use only CDC and EPA-certified products and equipment to ensure the highest level of safety and protection for your workspace.

Our team is also trained in specific protocols to address situations where someone in your facility may become ill. This training ensures we can continue to operate safely and effectively, minimizing any risk of disease transmission. For detailed information on how we can help protect your team and facilities during these critical times, please visit our commercial disinfecting services page.

At Rainbow Property Maintenance, sustainability is at the forefront of our cleaning services. We are committed to eco-friendly practices that not only meet but exceed environmental standards. Our approach includes the use of green cleaning products that are effective yet gentle on the environment, reducing the use of harmful chemicals without compromising on cleanliness. Additionally, we implement sustainable methods such as using microfiber cloths and mops to minimize waste, and energy-efficient equipment to conserve resources. We continuously seek ways to innovate and improve our practices, ensuring that we are as environmentally responsible as possible while maintaining the effectiveness of our cleaning services.

At Rainbow Property Maintenance, we understand that continuity of service is crucial for our clients. To ensure there is no interruption in our cleaning services, we have robust contingency plans in place. These plans include maintaining a reserve of backup employees who are trained and ready to step in when needed. We also prioritize effective communication with our clients, promptly notifying you of any changes or potential disruptions in service. This proactive approach ensures that our high standards of cleanliness and client satisfaction are maintained, regardless of personnel changes.

At Rainbow Property Maintenance, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind the quality of our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning services provided, we encourage you to report your concerns on the same day the service was performed. Upon receiving your feedback, we will address and rectify the issues at no additional charge to you. This policy ensures that you do not pay for a service unless it meets your standards and our commitment to excellence.



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