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Commercial carpet being cleaned
If you’ve ever walked barefoot across a cold tile or wood floor, you likely longed for a warm carpet beneath your feet. They feel wonderful on bare feet, provides insulation for cold homes, and come in a wide variety of fun colors, making it an excellent flooring choice. Additionally, it is much less slippery than wood flooring and provides sound absorption. When choosing a carpet, it is important to choose a high quality one. However, carpets collect dirt and dust, especially after a long winter. Unlike other flooring types, carpet keeps drafts from blowing dust through the air—something that can worsen allergies. Carpets can be easily cleaned, so In many ways the pros of carpet flooring outweigh the cons. When your carpet needs to be cleaned professionally, you have a few options. You can do it yourself, rent carpet cleaning equipment, or hire a professional, like Rainbow! While each option is great, we highly recommend hiring an experienced professional, as we can help maintain the life of your carpet and clean even the toughest messes. It will also help save you valuable time and effort. Frequent cleaning will lengthen the lifespan of your carpet and help keep allergens and bacteria from building up.

Why RAINBOW for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Here at RAINBOW, we take pride in our carpet cleaning services. Whether you need office carpet cleaning, industrial carpet cleaning, or commercial carpet cleaning services, we are the place to call. With years of experience and countless dedicated, expert workers, we guarantee you a spotless floor that you and your staff will love. It’s our belief optimal work is performed when surrounded by a clean, tidy environment. However, it can be hard to find the time in the day to achieve that on your own. That is where we come in.

Commercial Chemicals

Every office needs a professional look, and carpeting is critical. With our office carpet cleaning, your office will set the stage for you to impress your clients.

Industrial Equipment

Our professional grade carpet cleaning equipment will help keep your floor clean and spotless. Your toughest carpets and tiles are a challenge we are glad to face.

Complete carpet care services for large office buildings

When you entrust your commercial carpeting to Rainbow for carpet cleaning services, you will always be getting a customized clean. We take into account the age, type and pile of your carpet in order to ensure that not only is your carpet kept free of dust and dirt; but that it is also cleaned in the best possible way for your particular flooring. Why do we care so much about making sure your carpet is given the best clean possible? Because at Rainbow, we know that your carpeting is an investment. We are here to protect your investment; not only saving you time but also saving you money by prolonging the life of your carpeting. Our team of maintenance and carpet cleaning specialists will work hard to make sure that the dust, crumbs and debris brought in by customers and and employees is removed using our industrial vacuums. For carpet stains, our team knows just how to get stuck in muck and discoloration out of your carpeting and has the best products to do it. When it comes to tracking in mud and grime, the Chicago weather certainly takes its toll on carpeting. At Rainbow, we make sure that all of our carpet cleaning team members are specially trained in order to ensure that your carpets are kept looking their best.



Awesome quality of carpet cleaning services! Few months ago my husband give a carpet to Rainbow for carpet cleaning. There were some juice stains and generally that carpet was old and dirty, so we didn’t expect miracles. You can only imagine how big was the surprise when the carpet came back clean and neatly. It did even smell great! Big up for Rainbow for reconditioning such a difficult case.
Gaynell Nunley
Rainbow Client
Once every year in our office we are doing a deep cleaning. Last time we weren’t satisfied with the previous cleaning company, so we decided to search for something new. Luckily this year we found Rainbow. Not only they did a great job with cleaning our office, but also managed to clean all of our carpets. Great job Rainbow! The next year we will definitely call you again for commercial carpet cleaning service.
Libbie Dagley
Rainbow Client
So we had a party at the house and it went kind out of control. When we woke up everything looked pretty bad, but the in the worst condition was carpet in our living. Haven’t seen so much different stains in one place at the same time. Fortunately we found a Rainbow carpet cleaning service and this company worked pretty great.
Clara Torres
Rainbow Client
We called Rainbow to clean our carpets few days ago. Frankly speaking I wasn’t expecting much, because carpets were pretty old and devastated. When we get them back I was nicely surprised. Almost all the stains gone, carpet smells good and I can’t remember when was the last time it was so soft. Great carpet cleaning for affordable price? Only at Rainbow!
Felix Rice
Rainbow Client


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