Commercial Cleaning Cost Estimator

Calculate Your Monthly Commercial Cleaning Costs

Use this calculator by choosing Service Level, Square Footage, and Frequency per Week to instantly see an estimated monthly cleaning cost for your facility.

This is a High-Level Estimate Only and NOT a quote. We require a physical walk-through of your facility to give you an Exact Commercial Cleaning Quote. However, However, in over 90% of the final walk-through estimates conducted, this online estimator was within 5% of the client’s actual monthly cleaning cost.


Three Cleaning Service Levels to Meet Your Needs


1 Day per Week Cleaning
Monthly Price
$ 353
First 2,500 Sq/Ft
Additianal for every 1,000 Sq/Ft
  • Empty and Dispose of Garbage
  • Dust all Horizontal Surfaces within Reach
  • Spot Clean all Switches and Doors
  • Damp Wipe all Horizontal Surfaces
  • Vacuum Carpets in Traffic Areas


1 Day per Week Cleaning
Monthly Price
$ 510
First 2,500 Sq/Ft
Additianal for every 1,000 Sq/Ft
  • Everything in Standard +
  • Office: Replace Garbage Liners as Needed
  • Office: Damp Mopping Hard Surface
  • Restroom: Cleaning & Disinfecting Fixtures & Countertops
  • Restroom: Cleaning Toilets & Urinals
  • Restroom: Cleaning Mirrors
  • Restroom: Emptying Trash
  • Restroom: Mopping hard surface floors
  • Restroom: Refill Supply Dispensers (Soap Toilet Paper, paper Towels)
  • Lunchroom: Emptying Garbage and Replace Liner
  • Lunchroom: Floor Mopping/Vacuuming
  • Lunchroom: Dusting all horizontal surfaces within reach (up to 6’)
  • Lunchroom: Disinfecting Countertops, Tables, Sinks
  • Lunchroom: Clean Interior and Exterior of Microwave


1 Day per Week Cleaning
Monthly Price
$ 636
First 2,500 Sq/Ft
Additianal for every 1,000 Sq/Ft
  • Everything in Standard & Deep +
  • Office: Cleaning All Ceiling Vents
  • Office: Detail Vacuuming Corners and Edges
  • Office: Detail Vacuuming under Desks and Cubicles
  • Office: Wipe down Baseboards
  • Office: Sanitize all Doorknobs & Handles
  • Office: Dust Blinds
  • Office: Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
  • Office: Wipe Office Chairs
  • Restroom: Cleaning All Ceiling Vents
  • Restroom: Wipe down Baseboards
  • Restroom: Wipe down and disinfect stalls and dividers
  • Restroom: Sanitize all Doorknobs & Handles
  • Lunchroom: Cleaning All Ceiling Vents
  • Lunchroom: Wipe down Baseboards
  • Lunchroom: Dust and Clean Chairs
  • Lunchroom: Dust and Wipe Vending Machine
  • Lunchroom: Clean outside of Refrigerator

For offices and facilities above 5,000 sq/ft, we provide free walk-through estimates at your convenience.