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Life can get hectic. And as a property owner or landlord, you shouldn’t have to stress about the myriad of maintenance and cleaning complications that lie in the way of running and maintaining a successful business. From leaky pipes to a spill in the hallway, obstacles like these are pertinent and immediate, but can completely throw an entire day’s or even weeks’ worth of work and meetings off balance. Don’t let these obstacles consume your work. For over 15 years, Rainbow Cleaning has been pristinely maintaining Chicago-based properties, apartments, warehouses, offices, and more, and we are prepared to provide you with the same high level of service and execution that our loyal customers know and love. Our efficiency and attention to detail when it comes to property maintenance is simply unmatched, evident by our history of satisfied and returning customers. 

By choosing Rainbow Cleaning for all of your property maintenance needs ensures that every guest that comes through your doors is impressed and feels at home. Because our highly trained and experienced staff pays such an acute level of detail to our services, we ensure that we go beyond just what the eye can see. Tending to larger issues like vacuuming or taking out the garbage should be expected from any property maintenance service operation. However, at Rainbow Cleaning, we take our services to the next level, by paying special attention to even often overlooked aspects of the properties that need tending to.

Property Maintenance is the best way to not only ease your schedule as a busy landowner or landlord, but to make sure that the job gets done in a professional and efficient manner. At Rainbow Cleaning, we offer workable and flexible solutions, no matter what it takes to maintain your property to an industry-leading standard. Small or large, occupied or not, every property requires a certain level of professional maintenance in order to preserve its natural aesthetic and sustain high levels of productivity. As industry professionals who have been working with properties and owners for over 15 years, we understand just how essential property maintenance services are, and we hope that you can experience our highly skilled services as well. 


At Rainbow Cleaning, we provide flexible property maintenance scheduling for all our clients. We understand that not all timeframes work the same for certain residential and commercial properties, which is why our effective flexibility makes it easy to accommodate any of your property maintenance needs.

Time Saving

Partnering with a property management agency like Rainbow Cleaning is the best way to save time as a landlord or property owner of any kind. It is very common for residential properties to work with property maintenance crews to uphold the cleanliness, productivity, and overall appearance of a property.

Other Services We Offer:

Partnering with external specialty contractors, Rainbow provides full maintenance including:

Rainbow's Complete Building Maintenance Service Programs

Property maintenance refers to a service that offers routine cleaning, safety checks, and general repairs throughout one’s property. Property maintenance is typically employed in residential buildings like apartments or condominiums but can be applied to almost any physical business location. It is one of the best ways to save time and stress as a business owner or landlord and ensures that your property maintains a high level of cleanliness and professionalism at all times. Property maintenance services typically range from cleaning and disinfection services to damage repair and plumbing.

Why Consider Rainbow as your Property Maintenance Partner?

From offices, to schools, to banks, to commercial facilities, we’ve seen it all – which means our highly skilled team is ready to tackle any new job that comes in its path. Additionally, all our team members have undergone extensive training and education regarding all processes, products, and methods needed to provide our customers with the best possible experience, without sacrificing effectiveness and integrity.
At Rainbow Cleaning, all members of our crew are licensed, bonded, and insured. They are also background checked for additional security purposes, and routinely checked upon. At Rainbow Cleaning, we don’t have employees – we have a team. And for nearly 20 years, we have been operating as one. The relationship we have with our crew is one of unmatched security and loyal trust, and we are ready to provide you and your property with that same level of high security
Property Maintenance is a service unlike any other because of its complexity. There is a myriad of obstacles that could arise in any property, and with the history of technique that Rainbow Cleaning provides, we are ready to tackle each one head on. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just get the job done. We don’t stop until we are proud, which means going the extra mile to ensure that everything is executed to the highest standard possible.

We would love to tell you how great our services are, but it would be meaningless if we didn’t have the experience and testimonials to back us up.  Our unmatched reputation is one to be proud of, evident by our returning customers and their satisfaction. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With every new partnership comes a new opportunity to elevate our level of skill, and a new opportunity to support Chicago businesses.



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