Difference in Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning

Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning, Is There a Difference?

Difference in Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning Maintaining workplace cleanliness is not just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial component of operational efficiency and staff well-being.Understanding the distinct roles of janitorial services versus office cleaning is essential for businesses to ensure their facilities are properly maintained and their workforce is supported. Key Takeaways: Janitorial services cover […]


Is Your Janitorial Company Cutting Corners? 4 Signs to Look For!

Identifying signs of a janitorial company cutting corners often begins with subtle yet telling cues in cleaning quality. These indicators extend beyond the visible lapses. They encompass the company’s approach to high-visibility areas like entryways and bathrooms, detail-oriented spaces under furniture or in high corners, and the efficiency of their cleaning tasks. Evaluating their adherence […]


Commercial Cleaning Services Costs in 2023

When you purchase commercial cleaning services, it’s crucial that you know what services are actually included in the monthly rates. It could help you avoid overpaying for the services and make your budget more effective. This post discusses the sharp increase in pricing over the past few years and what you should be paying currently. […]


Office Cleaning Tips for Reducing Cleaning & Maintenance Costs

To ensure your commercial building remains in optimal condition, addressing cleaning and maintenance concerns promptly is key to preventing larger problems. Establishing clear communication with your cleaning staff or vendor can streamline your building maintenance strategy. Rainbow, a leader in building maintenance, recommends these steps that they’ve been practicing for better building maintenance to ensure […]


Cost-Saving Strategies for Commercial Cleaning Services During an Economic Recession

During tough economic times, Chicago-based businesses need to keep a close eye on expenses and find ways to trim costs without hurting quality. Commercial cleaning services are one area where you can get more efficient without sacrificing cleanliness. Thoroughly assess what you currently spend on cleaning and set clear goals to reduce those costs. Make […]


Ensuring Consistent Performance from Vendors

Facility managers rely heavily on third-party vendors to deliver services like janitorial, landscaping, maintenance, and security. But when vendors underperform or prove unreliable, it wreaks havoc on operations and the tenant experience. Missed cleaning visits lead to unsanitary conditions. Lapses in outdoor work create shabby curb appeal. Deferred maintenance causes mechanical breakdowns. Lax security exposes occupants to […]


What makes locating and holding onto great custodial workers so troublesome?

From problems with awkward shift times to the demanding nature of the field, finding competent and effective custodial workers can be challenging. Many custodial service firms often have difficulty locating workers who are not just cut out for the job, but also eager and enthusiastic about fulfilling their duties, not to mention holding on to […]


Beware of Overnight “Disinfecting” Companies

We’ve been in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years, and have many medical offices, clinics, nursing homes, and labs around Chicago as clients which consistently need medical-grade cleaning and disinfecting. Other clients such as schools and churches have regularly contracted us to sanitize their spaces when flu season was nearing full swing. However, during […]



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